The 32nd Plenary Session of the Foreign Investors' Council chaired by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held on July 4, 2019, in Nur-Sultan.

KFICA Members list

Anadolu Group was founded in 1949 by  Kamil Yazıcı and İzzet Özilhan

Today Anadolu Group has 47 production facilities in 13 countries including Turkey and employs about 23 thousand people in its 81 companies.

Anadolu Group develops its major activities in 4 industries: beverage (Anadolu Efes and Coca-Cola Bottlers), automotive (Çelik Motor –Isuzu, Kia, Geely, car engines, agricultural machines and tires), finance (ABank, ALease, investments funds), retail and food (stationary Adel Kalemcilik, fast food restaurants McDonald’s, olive and sunflower oil Ana Gida).

The holding also includes companies in such industries as: IT (ABH), electronics  (LCD NV sets HISENSE), energy (thermal power plant in Gerze, Aslanc?k hydro-energy plant, AES wholesale of electrical energy – Turkey, hydroelectric power plant in Paravani, Georgia), tourism (Efes Tur), healthcare (Anadolu Medical Center in affiliation with Johns Hopkins University), real estate ( AEH Gayrimenkul Yat?r?mlar?) and other (Polinas BOPP film producer, insurance).

The group also sponsors basketball team Efes Pilsen and charity fund “Anadolu Education and Social Welfare Foundation” (scholarships etc.). 

Currently we have two major businesses operating in Kazakhstan: Coca-Cola and Efes.

Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers produces carbonated beverages (market share 47%), ice tea, drinking water and juices at its factory with 700 employees.  In 2012 CCAB’s tax contribution to the Kazakhstan state budget constituted a total of 5 bn KZT. Since CCAB commenced operations in Kazakhstan, the total investment of the company in Kazakhstan has amounted to USD $220 million.  CCAB has continued to invest, with even stronger future plans.  The building of a new plant in Astana is estimated to cost USD $70 million as an initial investment, with a total investment of $200 million by 2020.  

Efes Kazakhstan, which is an absolute market leader, has two breweries in Karaganda and Almaty – the opening ceremony of the last one in 2003 you kindly attended – with 850 employees. We have already invested in beer business 245 mn $, Efes Kazakhstan has paid more than 30 bl KZT of taxes and other obligatory payments.

Totally investments of Anadolu Group already amount for 465 mn $ and are going to reach 700 mn $ in the  coming years. We are proud that our enterprises, manufacturing goods with a label “made in Kazakhstan”, enable us to make an input in industrial development of Kazakhstan, which is a top priority of Kazakhstan Government.