The 32nd Plenary Session of the Foreign Investors' Council chaired by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held on July 4, 2019, in Nur-Sultan.

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Sembol Construction Company (SML) has a proven track record for delivering complex and challenging projects within the agreed upon budgetary and scheduled guidelines. Sembol Construction has completed construction of five star hotel and resort projects, shopping & entertainment centers, multi-use large sports venues, cultural & educational urban icons, business & media towers, convention & conference centers and other mixed-use projects in Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Croatia, UAE and Libya exceeding over 1 million square meters closed building area.

SML, currently with its over 6 000 employees, under signed contractual agreements continues to work on the important and great projects performing with high quality standards and delivering on scheduled timeframes.



The Rixos President Hotel Astana, located in the new administrative district of Astana, Kazakhstan’s Capital City, is within a distance of 16 km from Astana International Airport.

The Hotel is recognized as one of the most luxurious hotels in the country with a variety of services offered with top of the line quality standards. 

Rixos President Hotel, with 27 600 square meters of closed building area and total of 237 suites; comprised of 1 presidential, 6 executive, 18 premium ve 212 deluxe Suites, provides high quality services to its guests. 


Pyramid, consisting of 28 791 square built area and designed by Lord Norman Foster is one of the World’s Wonders; according to a quote of Hugh Pearman, architectural critic of the Sunday Times.

The attractive 77 m high building of exceptional design includes a museum and 1 500 seats opera auditorium and is designated as the “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” in Kazakhstan.

The glass dome of the Pyramid is designed by the British artist Brian Clarke whereby the steel construction is designed by Bureau Happold, the sound and acoustic system is coordinated by the American acoustics designer Bob Essert.


The Palace of Independence is located across the Palace of Peace and adjacent to the Shabyt Arts Palace. The Congress hall includes the main congress hall with a capacity of accommodating 3 100 visitors, a restaurant for 700, an exhibition hall, a museum, a VIP meeting room, a ceremony hall and a press room; it has a total of 40 320 square meters of closed building area and is nominated as one of the landmarks of the Country’s Capital.

In the “Palace of Independence”; various arrangements such as meetings, forums, congresses, exhibitions, concerts, international conferences and other state events are held. Capacity of premises, technical equipment and comfort level allow hosting of all official events at the highest international level. Along with the official events concerts, exhibitions and celebrations can also be organized in the Congress Hall.


16 stories office building, with 2 stories of closed parking levels and a total of 25 550 square meters of closed building area was successfully completed. In addition to the office spaces, the tower also contains a restaurant with 150 seats, cafes and various sized meeting rooms on different floors, an exhibition hall, and a multi-purpose hall for 135 people. This Structure became one of the most important structures of Almaty City. 


Hosting of 30 000 spectators, The Stadium was designed with taken into consideration of severe climate of Astana; it has a sliding, opening and closing roof system. The stadium is used as a multi-functional entertainment complex for different types of sports and gathering purposes. It is mainly planned as a soccer field that fits the FIFA and UEFA criteria.

The stadium, designed on an elliptic form, is constructed on a 232 485 square meters (330m x 704.5m) rectangular site. The design introduced innovative solutions adopting high technology principles for operational management and interaction with the environment; especially with harsh climatic conditions of the geography.

In 2011, The Project, designed by HOK, Bureau Happold and Tabanl?o?lu companies  won RIBA award (Royal Institute of British Architects) and was called “The best social facility” project within the territory of Asia and Pacific Ocean region.


5 Star Hotel, with 52 170 square meters closed area, is one of the most important structures in Almaty. The Hotel offers high quality services with 2 King Suites, 2 deluxe duplex, 34 standard duplex, 6 suite rooms, 18 deluxe rooms and 200 standard rooms. In addition to that, the building also has 8 500 square meters of office space.


Khan-Shatyr Shopping and Entertainment Center is the first and only lifestyle center in Astana, Kazakhstan that features world class shopping and entertainment under the same roof. Designed by the famous British architect Lord Norman Foster, Khan Shatyr is the biggest tent constructed in the world. The 150 m high tent has a 200 m elliptical base covering 125 000 square meters of closed building area.

This new landmark for Astana and Kazakhstan’s unique concept was realized to provide a sheltered environment, embracing variety of shopping and entertainment venues and was developed to responding to the extreme climate conditions in both winter and summer, throughout the year.

The roof is constructed from ETFE-cushions provided by Vector Foiltec suspended on a network of cables strung from a central spire. The transparent material allows sunlight through. Air heating and cooling systems allows maintaining an internal temperature between 15-30°C in the main space and 19-24°C in the retail units, while outside the temperature varies between -35 to +35°C across the year.

“Khan-Shatyr” creates a new way of life featuring luxurious boutiques, famous shopping brands, restaurants and cafes, leisure and entertainment activities such as botanical gardens, cinemas, kids clubs, playgrounds and a swiming pool.

Design companies such as Bureau Happold, Charles Funke & Associates, Claude Engle and ARÇE who are experts on their field of providing engineering and consultancy services, worked on this project.


“ALAU” Ice Skating Stadium, equipped with most modern systems, is a unique sports center that hosts world scale Olympic events. It is the Capital’s opening door to the international sports events. The Stadium hosts international training and competition organizations on ice hockey, curling, figure skating, speed skating and short track branches. With a seating capacity of 8 000 spectators, the most important areas of the stadium consist of a 400 meter ice track, two ice hockey courts, a salon for press conferences, a jury room and athletes’ rooms.

Ice Palace “Alau”, built on an area of 41 670 square meters, is a multi-functional sports center that consists of an ice arena, fitness center, universal gymnasium, SPA center, a 4 star hotel and a restaurant. The stadium was built for the purpose of Olympic events; however, in addition to its significance for winter sport events, the stadium became one of the most iconic structures of the Capital.


Astana Media Center is located at the center of the administrative part of the Capital, as planned on the Master Plan of the City. Project is designed by the designer company “Tabanl?o?lu” and includes 77 055 square meters of closed building area. This state of art structure which demonstrates the openness and willingness of Kazakhstan to communications and modern developments is one of the most technologically advanced structures in Central Asia and Europe. Located at the center of the City, with its transparent appearance the structure is well integrated with its surroundings. In order to emphases the importance of connecting Media with people, the façade of the building is equipped with huge screens where life broadcast is made possible to be illustrated on the façade of the structure. 24 stories high building tower has various sizes and dimensions of studios on different floors and at the top floor with glass façade; a sky studio can perform life broadcasting from the building.


“Hazret Sultan Mosque”, located in the new center of Astana, is designed with the combination of Islamic style and Kazakh architectural figures. The main praying hall has a closed area space that allows 5 000 people to practice worshipping. The Mosque became the biggest mosque in Kazakhstan and on special occasions, with the open areas, up to 10 000 people can pray at the same time.

The Mosque has a total of 17 733 square meters of closed building area. The height of the main dome is 51 m and four minarets are 77 meters high. In addition to the main praying hall area, this unique structure includes other areas such as a restaurant for 400 people, meeting rooms, religious wedding rooms, offices and worship preparation areas on the first floor.


Project, designed by “Atkins”, famous with its international projects and engineering solutions, was planned to be built throughout 4 phases of construction and serve 25 000 students.

With a total of 107 654 square meters of completed closed building area, the first stage construction included Rector’s Building, library, laboratory, auditorium, dormitory and engineering blocks.

The architectural highlight of this complex is its atrium which is designed with consideration of the severe climate conditions of the city’s winter period.


Conceptual Plan was designed by “Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates”; The Complex is comprised of 2 student dormitory buildings with 616 rooms and 2 university staff residential buildings with 260 units and has a total of 67 172 square meters of closed building area.

The two dormitory buildings and two faculty residential buildings are designed to be connected with stylobates. On these connected floors, there are study areas and cafes for students and staff; while, resting and sport activity areas can be found on the top of the stylobate level.

Completion of this project, furnished with all furniture and all necessary services, provided accommodation for 1 064 students, 604 staff and their families.


Located next to The Khan-Shatyr Shopping and Entertainment Center, with a total of 44 684 square meters closed building area, the development is comprised of a residential tower and a business center tower. It is also connected to the “Khan-Shatyr” with a “Skywalk” structure.

The business center (Block A) has 17 floors. Till the 14th floor of the building, there are “open space” type offices. VIP offices are on the last three floor of the building.

The Residential Building (Block B) has 26 floors. There are offices on the first floor; a parking lot is on the second floor; technical and maintanance rooms are located on the third floor; and from 4thto 25th floors, there are the residential units. The total number of residential units are 126 units. The units are designed to be 1, 2, 3 and 4 rooms units with their sizes ranging from 77 square meters to 209 square meters.

Buildings are equipped with high technology and modern equipment and every detail is thought meticulousness for central air conditioning system, fan coil units, heated floors, “smart home” systems, connection to the City’s heating system and all other services.


Astana National Library location was planned to be across the Presidential Place. With 30 500 square meters of closed building area, it is place on a 4.47 hectares of land. Designed by the famous architect, Norman Foster, the building contains a digital library, a museum and a movie theater; it also has winter gardens and National Leader Nazarbayev Library Foundation Organization‘s offices located on the top floor.

The uniqueness of this eye-shaped structure is the over 90 meters long extending steel & glass roof.  With its unique shape, the building can directly receive sunlight from the roof and results in a brilliant unique appearance.


National Defense University Project is divided into 5 phases of construction. As of today, the first three construction phases of this project are completed. The scope of the works included construction of 62 443 square meters closed building area and related site and infra-structural works. This project consisted of five faculty buildings, one administrational building, one 306 unit apartment building, one garage building and gate structures.



Designed by “Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates”, with closed building area of 107 792 square meters, project includes Multifunctional Auditorium block (C2 Block), Business and Politics School (C3 Blok), Interdisciplinary Research Center (C4 Block), Life Sciences Center (S1 Block), Energy Research Center (S4 Block) and other structures such as Atrium, Vivarium, Skywalk Structures, and related site and infra-structural works.

Within the scope of the project, one auditorium with 1460 seats capacity, one auditorium with 500 seats capacity and 2 auditoria with 250 seats capacities will be constructed. There will be advanced, top of the line science and research laboratories that will only be found in Nazarbayev University. Without stepping outer side of the structures, Atrium block will allow access to the blocs built previously, during the first phase of the construction project. Construction of a 506 meters long “Sky Walk” which will connect all the proposed buildings within the project is also in the scope of this project.


Designed by “Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates”, with 101 871 square meters of closed building area, Project includes construction of 2 dormitory buildings, 2 faculty staff residential buildings, 1 sports center, 5 villas, 62 town-houses and related site and infra-structural works.

Two dormitory buildings and two faculty staff residential buildings are designed with two Stylobates which will connect the buildings on the first floors. On these first floor areas, in two dormitory buildings; there will be heath center, a movie theater, study areas for students, and in two staff residential buildings; there will be closed parking area and offices. In addition, on the top of the Stylobate, designated resting and sports activity areas will be available.

With completion of this project, furnished with all furniture and all necessary services, accommodation for 1 092 students, 726 staff and their families will be provided. These blocks are designed to be connected to each other and other University buildings with “Skywalk” structures.

Solar energy is used to heat the water that will be used at the swimming pool in the Sports Center. The Sports Center will be hosting international sports competitions and the building will be equipped with live broadcasting electrical and electronic systems. All the equipment and system that will be utilized will be in accordance to the standards and guide lines of International Sports Organization.

Solar energy and “smart home” technology systems will be used for villas and town-houses.


Designed by “Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates”, “Perkins+Will” Company provided consulting services on the project. Project consists of three buildings which are an Engineering Faculty Building, Science & Technology School Building and a library Building with 36 119 square meters of closed building area, and related site & infra-structural works.

Once this project is completed; it will allow 900 students to study at The Engineering Faculty, 780 students to study at Science & Technology School and there will be a new library addition to the University. 780 students will be able to study at the same time in the proposed library building.


While preparations continue for “EXPO-2017 Future energy” Project which is considered to be the most prestigious and ambitious project within the Central Asia and CIS Countries, SML Construction took the most active role by becoming the biggest general contractor and main designer of this historical project.

EXPO-2017 project will include one of the most prestigious structures for the new part of the City; The Sphere, with its 80 meter radius and 94 meters height, comprised of steel, titanium, aluminum and huge spherical glasses, with a wind turbine will be the “Astana Pavilion” in this project. The Sphere structure will act as the Kazakhstan and Astana exhibition center during EXPO-2017 exhibition and afterwards, as a technology museum. In addition to the Sphere structure, a conference hall, a 5 star hotel with 240 rooms, an office building, a theater, business pavilions, an art center and open & closed concert salons will also be realized within the scope of SML projects. The total closed building area of 188 300 square meters will be realized by SML Construction for EXPO 2017 projects. Approximately 6 million visitors, from hundred different countries are expected to visit these events; therefore, EXPO-2017 will have a great worldwide impact on introducing and exploring about Astana and Kazakhstan. This project will also provide new jobs and economical growth to the country. Honored of building the most prestigious buildings of EXPO 2017, we are also proud to be a part of this events’ dynamism and contribution to the economic development of the country.


Astana Train Station is designed and planned to be suitable and an integrated part of the development of the Capital. Designed within the guidelines of the master plan which oversees the future development of the City, the project is shaped in a way to aim satisfying today’s and future’s best values and standards. Conceptual plan for this project, influenced by the City’s future development plan, aims to make all residents of the city happy with the transportation system by providing a reliable, comfortable, and accessible system.

Project includes 115 000 square meters of closed heated building area and approximately 210 000 square meters of total construction area. The maximum number of travelers per day from the Train Station is planned to be 35 000 passengers per day while maximum number of travelers per hour is planned to be 6 840 passengers per hour.

This project is one of the candidates to receive the LEED Silver Certification which is an indicator of more healthy, environmentally sensitive, advanced, high quality and economically feasible structures. The designer of this project is “Tabanl?o?lu Mimarl?k”; however, other professional companies such as “Bureau Happold” also provide consulting services on the project.

With completion of this project, an appealing work of art structure that suits Kazakhstan and Astana will come to realization.