The 32nd Plenary Session of the Foreign Investors' Council chaired by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held on July 4, 2019, in Nur-Sultan.

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Being proud of being Deloitte in Kazakhstan

Deloitte is a major international professional services firm that established a presence in Kazakhstan in 1994, which has since grown into a significant operation.

Our goal is to support international and local clients doing business in Kazakhstan, promote public and private corporate governance and productivity through our audit (external and internal), tax and legal (consulting, compliance and outsourced accounting functions), financial advisory (due diligence, IPO support, feasibility studies, valuations, restructuring and tariff support), management consulting (accounting reforms, strategy, business productivity management, information technology (strategy and ERP implementations), human capital and risk management services, as well as through our extensive knowledge base of international best practices and access to our global organisation.

Our primary industry focus in Kazakhstan is in oil and gas, mining, including service companies, banking and other financial services, transportation and logistics, agriculture, power, and consumer products.

We believe our success is driven by the country’s success, and because of that success today we are involved in dialogue centred on developing both local and international capital markets; restructuring and helping companies improve compliance with international standards; as well as improving logistics and productivity. As active FIC members we have co-chaired two of the last three sessions, which dealt with human resources and logistics, both areas requiring significant support in the future. We also actively participate in a number of major committees supporting important aspects of the country’s growth.

Delivering through our key locations

Today we are represented in four Kazakhstan cities - Almaty, Astana, Aktau and Atyrau.

Playing a major role in the development of Kazakhstan- through it’s people and media

In addition to our normal business, for which we hire and train (50-100 a year) many new local graduates for international professional qualifications, we are currently working on several major investment projects in Kazakhstan, such as:

  • productivity - we are currently moving to establish a non-profit association on productivity
  • the media – we hosted a successful television programme in 2009/10 discussing investment in Kazakhstan - Talking Business Kazakhstan. We are currently seeking funding to make this happen again. The original run included interviews with international business leaders, asking them to share their insights on best productivity and innovation practices. We also regularly contribute to the press, helping them focus on their goal to educate the community.

As a business we hold over 50 client and business community training sessions and seminars a year throughout Kazakhstan on topics such as stock markets, restructuring and new equity capital, to new tax and legal compliance matters, management consulting issues and updates on international accounting standards. We contribute to over 20 local publications a year, in English, Kazakh and Russian, and as mentioned above, can often be seen in other areas of the media.

In addition, we have initiated and are regularly part of HR, operating and investment FIC working groups. Deloitte is regularly requested to speak at national and international conferences designed to promote Kazakhstan to the business world.

Promoting our social investments

Despite continuing global financial difficulties, Deloitte is still involved in many social projects helping promote and improve the country’s image at home and abroad.

For example, in 2007 we launched the first international share game in Kazakhstan with 20,000 participants, teaching people how the stock exchange worked. As the market recovers we hope to relaunch the game.

Internally, we see ourselves as moulding Kazakhstan’s future business leaders, and try to involve our people in learning more about leaders in their community, involvement in a number of social and charitable events helping the environment and promoting youth issues.

Focusing on developing Kazakhstan for the global economy.

Around 95% of our staff are from Kazakhstan. Professional accreditation and continuous learning are core elements of our business model. Some 5% - 8% of our revenue goes on training, with most of our people undertaking around 80 hours a year of formal learning in addition to on-the-job training (including project work, where a well-established mentoring system is established).

Future company plans in Kazakhstan.

We see the firm growing in terms of people, and expanding in key locations such as Astana, Atyrau and Aktau.

We will continue developing and training more future business leaders.

We will develop more services to support better corporate governance helping companies access cheaper funds and look towards listing on locally and internationally. We will also promote consulting services around people management, technology and productivity.

Deloitte Caspian Region Managing Partner - Mr Mark Smith
FIC member from foreign side - Mr Steve Almond