The 32nd Plenary Session of the Foreign Investors' Council chaired by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held on July 4, 2019, in Nur-Sultan.

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TOTAL Exploration and Production began operations in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1993. More than fifteen years ago, TOTAL, as partner of the first International Consortium, actively participated in the world’s largest seismic and geophysical survey, in the northern sector of the Caspian Sea. This large scale survey gave rise to the discovery of the gigantic Kashagan oilfield in 2000.

Today TOTAL E&P Kazakhstan holds a 16.81% share in the North Caspian Sea Product Sharing Agreement (NCS PSA), which includes the Kashagan oilfield and other discoveries under appraisal. In January 2009, TOTAL E&P Kazakhstan stepped up its involvement in the project by taking a major role in the North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC), the new Operator of the NCS PSA, contributing its extensive expertise in complex exploration and production challenges worldwide.

In October 2009 during the official visit of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, NC KazMunaiGaz (KMG) and TOTAL E&P Kazakhstan signed a partnership agreement on Khavynskoye project and joint exploration work, boosting cooperation between the two companies. In addition, TOTAL E&P Kazakhstan is actively studying other opportunities to contribute to exploration of new resources in Kazakhstan, and strengthen its partnership with KMG.

In terms of corporate social responsibilities, TOTAL E&P Kazakhstan has established solid cooperation with leading Universities and Institutes in Kazakhstan including Nazarbayev University, the Kazakh British Technical University, the Kazakh National Technical University, and the Academy of Public Administration. A program for education and training of outstanding Kazakhstani students includes scholarships for international graduate programs at the leading universities in France.

In addition TOTAL E&P Kazakhstan initiated in 2009 a proposal to establish a Kazakhstan Welding Institute in collaboration with Karaganda State Technical University and the Ministry of Education and Science. The international recognition was finally completed in July 2011 and Kazakhstan officially became the 55th country member of the International Institute of Welding.

Within the scope of its current activities TOTAL E&P Kazakhstan promotes French-Kazakh cooperation through active participation in various organizations and associations (co-chairing Kazakh-French Business Council; being a member of Foreign Investors’ Council, KazEnergy association, Kazakhstan Petroleum Association, Eurobak association). The company also maintains strong relations with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in France and supports a number of events aiming at increasing recognition and awareness of Kazakhstan in Europe.

TOTAL E&P Kazakhstan is devoted to long-term operation and partnership in the Republic of Kazakhstan and will continue to explore for investment and business opportunities and a fruitful cooperation in oil & gas and other sectors of the economy.