The 32nd Plenary Session of the Foreign Investors' Council chaired by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held on July 4, 2019, in Nur-Sultan.

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PMK has launched its operation in Kazakhstan in 1993, when Philip Morris International Investment Corporation signed an agreement with the Government of the RK on the capital charter acquisition of the “Almaty Tobacco Company” Joint Stock Company. Since 1993, Philip Morris International has invested about USD 400 million in the economy of Kazakhstan. In 2000, a modern tobacco factory was inaugurated in Otegen Batyr village in Ili District, Almaty Oblast, and at present, PMK is one of the major consumer goods manufacturers in Kazakhstan.

Being committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility PMK is actively involved in charitable activities. Thus, PMK invested over USD 480 thousands in 2011 for the support of social projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2012, PMK intends to invest at least the same amount into the implementation of various social programs. Over the years of its activities in Kazakhstan, the Company invested almost USD 7 million in various charitable projects.

Nowadays, the Company is focused on supporting local communities of Ily District, where the PMK's factory is located, and of Enbekshikazakh District, where tobacco is cultivated.

In Ily District of Almaty Oblast PMK has been cooperating with the non-government public association "Bolashak" for more than 10 years. Over the mentioned period, the targeted help was provided to many representatives of vulnerable social groups, particularly, physically impaired people, war and labour veterans, elderly people. Furthermore, under the PMK’s financial aid, a unique network of children-teenager clubs was created in 11 villages of the District which provides various classes for children, as well as training courses where low-income and unemployed people learn computer and administrative skills, the state and English languages at no cost.

In 2010, PMK, in cooperation with Progress Polytechnic College from Ili District, Almaty Oblast, launched a social project for the creation of a sewing shop for women with disabilities. Under this project, several dozens of disabled women not only had learned sewing, but were also provided with jobs. By now, 30 disable women have obtained knowledge, skills and tools necessary to start their own business and get employed, and were able to begin their social adaptation.

For several years, PMK has been supporting the development of the Local Communities Fund (LCF) in Enbekshikazakh District, which implements social projects aimed at improvement of living conditions in the rural areas and support to the socially vulnerable groups of people.

The child labour prevention program is a very important direction of PMK social activities. A long-term plan of organising quality child leisure activities in the rural area has been developed and launched in cooperation with “Karlygash” NGO and the Akimats of the Almaty Oblast and Enbekshikazakh District. In the frames of this project, in December 2011 the Community Centre has been opened in Malybai Village. Also, 150 children of 6-13 years have got the opportunity to rest in summer camps and 14-17 years old teenagers have attended professional education courses. Several sport playgrounds were built in remotely located farms. The very important element of the project was providing school supplies to 150 children from low-income families on the eve of September 1st 2011 under the Republican Programme "Road to School".

Not standing aside, PMK employees actively participate in various charitable activities organised under the internal volunteering program called "From Heart to Heart". Several charitable events and fares are held every year aiming to provide a dedicated support to disabled people and war veterans, children without parental care and orphans, physically impaired children and lonely elderly people.

Currently, PMK employs 884 people, of which 99.4% are Kazakhstani citizens. Over 20 Kazakhstani citizens hold various positions at Philip Morris International affiliates abroad, including senior managerial jobs.

General Information

Established: 1993 
Employees: 884 
Business: Tobacco industry
Location: 1 Zhansugurov Str., Otegen Batyr Village, Ily district, Almaty Oblast, 040700, Kazakhstan, +7 727 2588 88 88