The 32nd Plenary Session of the Foreign Investors' Council chaired by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held on July 4, 2019, in Nur-Sultan.

KFICA Members list

1. Name of the international organization / foreign

Company: Marubeni Corporation

2. Mailing Address: 4-2, Otemachi 1 Choma, Chiёda-ku, Tokyo 100-8088, Japan

3. Country of origin: Japan

4. General characteristic of activity of the international organization / foreign company (scope, goodwill)

"Marubeni Corporation" is one of the largest trading companies in Japan. Our activities include the import, export, offshore trade, the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) with the funding organization, project management, marketing of the final product, as well as business investment in various areas, including natural resources, infrastructure, and manufacturing.

We founded our office Marubeni in Kazakhstan in 1993. Since then, we have been successfully involved in projects for the construction of the International Airport of Astana, the modernization of the Atyrau oil refinery (Phase 1 and 3), invested in the project to develop a uranium deposit Kharassan 1 and 2, as the project of sulfuric acid plant CKZ-U, and We concluded several sales transactions for the sale of equipment, and industrial goods.

In addition to the above-mentioned business activities of our Vice-Chairman, Mr. Ota, he is the chairman of Kazakhstan-Japan Economic Committee and contributes to the strengthening of relations between Kazakhstan and Japan

5. Information on the participation of international organizations / foreign companies in investment projects in Kazakhstan:

The project to develop uranium deposits Kharassan 1 and 2, and the project of sulfuric acid plant SKZ-U,

6. The volume of direct investments in the Republic's economy


Our consortium, in which we play a leading role, in general, has invested US $ 750mln.

750USD in Millions consists of following items;

733USD in Millions - Khorassan-1&2. The amounts of Khorassan 1 and 2 cannot be divided because we initially acquired these uranium deposits as an united asset. 18USD in Millions - SKZ-U.

7. The total turnover, production volume in Kazakhstan:

The total turnover amounts to 187, 948 mln tenge and total production is.:

Uranium kontsentrat- 8.768 m

Sulfuric acid-1,417, 334 tons

8. Proceeds to the State Budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan from the activities of the international organization / foreign companies:

Not provided

9. Participation in joint working groups of the Council:

We would like to participate in all the working groups, in particular, we are interested in the Working Group "Innovative-Technological Development and Economic Diversification" (ITRED WG)

10. Participation of international organizations / foreign company in solving social problems and environmental problems of the Republic of Kazakhstan, sponsorship and charitable activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

We have implemented a regional contribution to the Kyzylorda region together with our project companies, in cooperation with JSC Kazatomprom.

Our project companies are obliged to finance development, maintenance and support of the social sphere of the region, including medical services to local population, education, supports, recreation and other activities, etc. These obligations are determined by Subsoil users contract. Examples are such as expansion of employment opportunities, construction of bridge near to the uranium mines.

11. The number of Kazakhstani personnel and measures to improve their skills:

In general, we work 27 Kazakhstani employees in our representative offices in Astana and Almaty, as well as including the PMO Marubeni Corporation Kharassan. We offer them training during work and seminar, which is held once a year. The purpose of the seminar to promote understanding of the Marubeni Group employees, its history and values, as well as to improve the understanding of the global business of our group and market strategy.

12. Information on participation in activities to improve the investment image of the Republic of Kazakhstan abroad

Kazakh-Japanese economic committee

13. Name challenger: Mr. Michihiko OTA

14. Position: Vice-Chairman

15. Professional experience:. See attachment

16. The working period of an international organization / foreign

Company: 40 years

17. Attached documents (letters of recommendation from the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, industrial and business associations, embassies of countries accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan): Letters of recommendation from foreign embassies accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan.