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10 July 2016

Interest Expression Request PPP Project "Modernization and Technical Maintenance of the Main Technological Platform of the State-Owned Television and Radio Channels"

Managing Company Kazmedia Ortalygy LLP, Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000, Astana City, Esilsky District, Kunayeva Str., 4, declares the preparation of the Public-Private Partnership Project called "Modernization and Technical Maintenance of the Main Technological Platform of the State-Owned Television and Radio Channels".

The final term of presentation of tenders for creating optimal solutions on technical, financial, legal and other necessary parameters related to the PPP Project is until September 30, 2016, the authorized person's contact details: Madraimov Galim Erlanovich, Deputy General Finance Manager, Kazmedia Ortalygy LLP (phone number: 55-39-77, 55-35-98, e-mail: priemnaya@kmo.kz).

The Project Objective

The objective is to ensure proper operation of the technological complex and to eliminate any arising failures of the system within the shortest terms.

To ensure safety of media data, to improve performance and amount of operational storages of software, news and archival complexes, and also to increase an opportunity to support high-definition production formats.

To increase technical broadcasting quality, to improve performance and functionality of equipment ingest, montage and quality control.

To create competitive contents, with the use of advanced technologies when shooting television programs, series and movies.

The Project Description

The concept of development and modernization of the technological systems of the complex has consisted of the following criteria.

1. During the operation of the technological systems of the complex the following facts have been specified:

- During its design this complex has been equipped with a basic set of hardware and software facilities. The TV channels based in Kazmedia Ortalygy have their own specific broadcasting format (news, entertaining, information, etc.). As a result, Kazmedia Ortalygy has faced a task on extending and increasing the complex’s functionality. This task includes the signal digitization system and ingest of media data, system of operational and long-term storage of media data (content), system of graphical broadcasting form, etc.;

- No systems of planning of broadcasting schedules for the TV channels are provided;

- No customer relationship management system is provided;

- No system on automation of the process of quality control of media data is provided. At the moment, the staff of the TV channels waste the time equal to the duration of media data when they perform visual quality inspections;

- No reservation of the Dalet news broadcasting automation system is provided;

- No show light for programs production studios is provided;

- Disadvantages of the installed Pharos Mediator broadcasting automation system, namely the "closeness" of the system when all levels of technical support are provided only by the manufacturer have been identified;

- The virtual studio does not work at its full capacity due to the need to replace the tracking system;

- Optimization of technological processes when creating news and programs;

- Modernization of the movie and concert complex;

- Modernization of the radio complex.

2. Equipment Deterioration

The existing equipment was installed in 2011 and was put into operation at the beginning of 2012. Therefore by 2017 the equipment will work for 6 years while the service life of the modern hardware-software systems is not more than 5 years.

3. Strategic Planning of Development of the Complex.

For the purpose of resolving creative and economic (business) tasks, there is a need to introduce the following systems:

- A system intended for providing cloud services for producing news, programs and movies;

- An OTT platform for distributing media data to cross-platforms;

- Replacement of lamp devices with LED devices for decreasing energy costs;

- A green screen;

- A dubbing-in and Dolby Surround audio mixing studio;

- Film production, including cameras, lenses, light;

- Post-production for the film industry.

Expected Activities

Provision of high-quality services in the following directions:

- Film-making pavilions for shooting show programs, video clips, movies and series;

- A complete cycle of post-production for the television and cinema industry: video montage, audio dubbing-in and Dolby Surround audio mixing;

- Recording studios;

- Provision of cloud services for producing programs, news, and organizing broadcasting processes;

- A movie and concert complex: carrying out entertaining activities, concerts, children's holidays, KVNs (wits and humor competitions), business activities, conferences, briefings, press conferences, presentations, forums, displays of movies, premieres, private viewings;

- Media facades: broadcasting of videos, live broadcasting from the place of this or that event;

- Conference rooms and exhibition halls: training activities, seminars, trainings, conferences, business activities, briefings, press conferences, presentations, fashion projects, photoshoots, video filming, fairs, exhibitions.

Expected Results

The use of highly effective equipment, innovative technologies, and also introduction of modern and advanced automation systems will ensure trouble-free broadcasting, high-quality production, and will decrease failures when operating the media equipment provided by Kazmedia Ortalygy LLP.