The 32nd Plenary Session of the Foreign Investors' Council chaired by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held on July 4, 2019, in Nur-Sultan.


29 November 2018

Forum “The Future of Labor Market: New Opportunities”.

The forum was organized by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population jointly with the Kazakhstan Foreign Investors Council Association in the Republic of Kazakhstan (KFICA).

The Forum “The Future of Labor Market: New Opportunities” is the first thematic platform to discuss employment and social development prospects in Kazakhstan in the context of dynamic changes of the global labor market.

An exchange of views and development of joint decisions by international and Kazakhstan experts, the largest Kazakhstani employers, foreign investors, members of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, representatives of international organizations and consulting companies took place at the Forum.

Delegates of the forum evaluated the scenarios of the impact of challenges in the global labor market on national markets, new forms of employment and adaptation of the social protection system. The issues of digitization of the labor market infrastructure and transformation of the training system in the 4th Industrial Revolution were actively discussed. Topics of labor mobility and the inflow of foreign talents, development of an active employment policy on the path to inclusion, as well as new tools to support target groups were also raised.

During the Forum, representatives of international organizations reported about the global trends bringing changes to labor markets. Experts with international experience informed about the difference in influencing global trends for developed and developing economies. Practitioners from developed and developing countries presented experiences and plans to manage changes in employment, education and ensuring adequate social protection.

The forum had also summed up the first stage of the project “Development of labor skills and stimulation of jobs”, implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan with financial and technical support from the World Bank. Participants discussed the impact of modern technologies on the demand for various labor skills in the international and local context, the role of education in shaping the skills and competencies necessary in the 21st century, and also noted the importance of developing the National Qualifications System for improving and shaping the balance in the Kazakhstani labor market.

The following KFICA member-companies provided sponsorship and content support for the event: Shell, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Chevron, Kazzinc, Polymetal, Polpharma, ERG, KNAUF, Cameco, Asian Development Bank, Anadolu Group, Citibank, EY, PwC, TMK, ENI.

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